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Re: Board Feet

From: Bruce Lehmann (
Categories: Alignment
Date: 5/26/98
Time: 6:41:37 PM
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The amount of board feet recovered from a log depends on the size of the log and the size of the boards cut from it. In a sawmill, with a tooth width (kerf) of 0.220 inch on the head rig and 0.120 inch on the resaws, about 55% of the log ends up in solid lumber. The rest is lost to sawdust, splits, wane, tapered pieces etc. In small logs (10 in diameter and smaller), only 35% volume recovery is obtained. If you are working with a small bandsaw, like a WoodMiser, then the recovery is higher.

Remember that that the finished size of a 2-by-4 is only 1.5" x 3.5", when calculating true volume recovered.

Log volume = 12' x 4' dia = 151 cu. feet x 55% recovery 83 cu. feet x 12 (to get board feet) 996 bfm sawn