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Re: tooth breakage

Categories: Board Edgers
Date: 10/8/98
Time: 4:09:56 PM
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I just calculated a few things.

The bite per tooth is only 0.0013" (0.033 mm), so there isn't much of a cutting force. In fact, with such a small bite your teeth are going to get dull very fast because they are rubbing more than cutting. Try a saw will less teeth.

I'm not familiar with the Catech machines - is it climb cutting by any change? I'm just wondering if the feed system is loosing control and the board is surging. If this is happening you should see the evidence in the surface of the wood.

One problem that sometimes occurs, is what is called a chill line. If the tooth is cooled too quickly after the carbide tip is brazed on, then the steel becomes brittle. Often you can see a blue "line" from the heating that goes from the front of the tooth the back of the tooth - sort of in an arc. The breaks usually occur along this line. This is a problem with the tipping process, and can be avoided.