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Burnt saw tips on VDA

From: Bruce Lehmann
Categories: Gang Edgers
Date: 9/4/98
Time: 10:42:03 AM
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A customer has a problem with burning and dulling on saws in a Vertical Double Arbour machine. This machine is part of a Chip-N-Saw. The saws on the left arbour are showing a burn mark on all four faces of the tooth tips (carbide). There is also some saw dust packing on the tooth, just behind the tip.

This problem does not occur on the right-hand saws. The saws have been moved from one arbour to the other (after sharpening), but the burning only occurs on the left arbour. This eliminates shapening or side grinding as the problem.

The cants are centered in the machine so each saw cuts the same depth. Both saws are climb-cutting and the left saw is before the right. The saws are guided with a mixture of water, oil and air.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Bruce Lehmann