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Three saw Schurmann

From: daniel
Categories: Saw cracks, Board Edgers
Date: 12/19/98
Time: 4:49:10 AM
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We are having trouble with the saws breaking arms out into the body of the saw. the saw is a 24"; 120 plate 160 kerf 64 tooth 1/2" gullet size rpm 2790 feed speed 900 ft a min. I was wondering what if we went to a smaller saw it is a 3" cut. we have 5" below the cut. What type of tension gauge would you use.300,400,500 thanks for any help.

Other information

We can't kept a saw all day with out having to change it out. We are running a 64 tooth 24" #3 spline saw. It is knocking out the teeth, roving back and forth. We have tried leaving out the tenison, putting the tenison in - nothing seems to work. We have tried less teeth also.

Daniel P. Montgomery