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Re: Three saw Schurmann

From: Bruce Lehmann
Categories: Alignment
Date: 12/20/98
Time: 7:27:37 PM
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Does your machine have the over-head wrap-around guides? These require a lot of maintenance and alignment.

I calculate the bite per tooth =0.060" (at 900 fpm feed) and the tooth pitch of 1.18". For 2-1/2" deep cut, you need a gullet area of at least 0.45 sq. in. I doubt the gullet is large enoug to hold all the sawdust - I'm estimating that your gullet area is only about 0.3 sq. in. The spillage is probably causing the snaking.

900 fpm seem awfully high for a 2.5" deep cut. You might get away with 1.5" at 900 sfpm, but try slowing down to 600 fpm just as a test. ( I know managers don't want to slow down, but it sounds like you're loosing a lot of fibre due to snaking.)

Also, the rim speed is 17,530 sfpm. Most carbide saws run below 12,500 sfpm to avoid loosing the carbide from the impact forces. You may also be running near a critical speed, at which the saw will have no stiffness.