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Portable Air Powered Automatic Dual Side Grinder for Band Saws.

From: Langle Pneumatic Grinding Co.
Categories: Filing Room Management
Date: 2/1/99
Time: 1:23:23 PM
Remote Name:


At this time I have the PROTOTYPE of this grinder built and proven to work. This Side Grinder requires mill air pressure only to operate. Because of its innovative design it has the potential to grind faster and more accurate than Side Grinders available today. After the saw is ground on the profile grinder the Portable Air Powered Automatic Dual Side Grinder is then mounted on the saw and adjustments made for the desired tooth profile. The air is then turned on and the machine starts to Side Grind the saw. It will take about ten minutes to grind a saw with 200 teeth. The price this grinder will sell for makes it possible for every sawmill in the world to reap the many benefits of Side Grinding their band saws.

This type of machine has been talked about for some time, but to date no one has been able to put together a viable machine to take to market.This new grinder should be available for sale in 4 to 5 months. Any questions or comments would be appreciated. If your interested in this new type of Side Grinder you can contact me at 250 366 4328 or email: Thank You Ken