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Re: tooth and shoulder breaking?

From: Mike Wyatt
Date: 2/20/99
Time: 5:07:45 PM
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Hi Daniel,

Make sure you have sufficent radial and tangental clearance on those saws. Three by five would be a bare minimum. With feed speeds that high you should use as much angle as possible. What is your back angle? I would go with 16 degrees. Another thing you could try is reducing the angle on your side grinder, for example, if your hook angle is 30 degrees, try grinding at 20 degrees. I know this might sound crazy, but it will give you a "hollow ground" effect on the side of the tooth. All the above will give you a much, much sharper saw. We run .080 plate in our high speed schurman, with a finishing kerf of .090. The smaller the kerf, the less wood fiber removed, the less horsepower required, the less stress on those teeth!!! What size carbide are you using? If you're using three eights, have you tried half inch??? If these saws are a collared saw, perhaps less tension would also help, that old idea about centifigal force and it's effect on a saw like you are running is probably negligable. You need to be concerned about power transfer that is, getting the sawing energy from the arbor through the saw's body to the wood. You don't need that saw going through undue flextions from too much tension, that only causes useless vibration, and that is mighty hard on those teeth and shoulders. I think you should use a thinner kerf saw and keep it sharper, with less tension, stelite probably wouldn't be a bad idea either!

My E-mail address is Call me if you want to kick me in the head for any of the above!! Hope some of these ideas work!

LANE #1 Circular Saw

From: Michael Tremper
Categories: Circular Saws
Date: 4/26/99
Time: 2:39:05 PM
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Woodworking has been a long time interest of both my wife and I. Recently I had the opportunity of purchasing a LANE model #1 which I did. I have seen numerous photos of the mills set up in various locations,and am trying to locate a parts list and potential supply for pieces of my mill. If anyone knows where parts may be available I would appreciate input.

Pieces needed: 2- Dogs 1- Adjustable back rest

Any documentation

Thank You