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swaging and shaping

From: Dave O
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 3/17/99
Time: 6:17:41 PM
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I have been learning to be a saw filer for about nine and a half months. The who was instructing me has been filing for about five years. We are running forty foot bandsaws that are .078 thousands thick. I was told to run them down to .140 thousands then reswage to .160 thousands then shape to .150 thousands. When shaping it leaves a hump on top of the tooth then when I start grinding it leaves the tooth face thin in the middle. And the grinding wheel hits it too hard(I think)? If I back the shaper off enough to prevent this it does not shape the sides of the tooth square. I have a No. 5 Armstrong swager (air) with a 6900-B shaper. I am thinking this has something to do with the problem I am having. Which is that the center of the teeth are crumbling away (just of red oak) frozen or not, but a lot worse on the frozen ones. Any other types of logs I have no problem with this. I run 40 on tension. I run 60 lbs. of pressure on the swager and have it set just like it says in the swaging trouble shooting guide. And I am using a short bite die No. 238. Everyone I ask say they don't know what my problem is. PLEASE OFFER ANY ADVICE YOU THINK WOULD HELP ME. THANK YOU. If you need any more information PLEASE let me know. Your highly frustrated saw filer Dave

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