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Resawing brazilian rosewood

From: John
Date: 6/4/99
Time: 2:15:51 PM
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I have a small amount of Brazilian rosewood to resaw into guitar sets. We have been using a Hitachi resaw with a 3" blade. The pieces for guitar backs are about .900 thick (a little less than an inch) 9 inches wide, and 24 inches long. My luthier requires thicknesses of no less than .145 off the resaw, so theoretically these pieces should yield 4 slices each, but we are reluctant to try this using the standard Hitachi blades which seem to haver an effective kerf of around .065. Does anybody have a recommendation for a better way to saw this wood? The cuts have to be extremely precise. I've been thinking about having a special handsaw made, but everybody thinks that idea is nuts. I don't.


P.S. I'm always looking for Brazilian rosewood. I pay top dollar for old stuff (nothing illegal.)