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Wedge Lumber from Salem 7' Linebar Resaw

From: Stephen Peskar
Categories: Resaws
Date: 29 Oct 1999
Time: 13:34:03
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We have done alignments, checking mechanical system (rolls, feed rolls, line bar setting, band mill alignment) But we still attimes have wedge lumber. If any one has any ideas on the possible cause (possiblly in the file room etc.) please respond to or contact myselfat 304-324-8777 ext222. PS. New track on headrig and the cants are square.

Carbide Breakage

From: Steve Hoas
Date: 16 Feb 2000
Time: 12:58:54
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We have suddenly started to lose saw teeth due to breakage on our Newnes 12in. H D A . The machine is being used as a single arbour edger right now for the pattern we are cutting. The saws are 26in .090 plate .130 kerf using 3/8in teeth. Gullet capacity is .5cu in and are tensioned to a 400 guage. Saws use a #4 Newnes splined eye and feed is 200fpm. Arbour speed is 1850 and the sfpm is 12/825. This is a climb cut machine with 8 feed rolls and 4 hold down rolls. The problem is with retipped and new saws alike. The tip breaks clean of the silver solder to 2/3rds the way down and then breaks out leaving a small piece of carbide at the bottom of the seat. Th teeth are 30 degree hook with an 8 degree back clearance on a Weyerhauser style horn. The tip is ground nearly flush with the top of the horn.There are 28 teeth in the saw.

The problem may be due to the fact that we are cutting a lot of small wood right now and there may be instability in the wood itself. Would reducing the hook to 25 degrees possibly help? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Steve Hoas