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Re: Wedge Lumber from Salem 7' Linebar Resaw

Categories: Alignment
Date: 07 Nov 1999
Time: 12:18:39
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Steve a possible cause of the above problem might be from your guide frames on the machine. We run two 6' quad linebar resaws and have implemented an ongoing program of preventive maintinence on our movable guides. We were finding the guide frame and guide travel track would get out of alignment with the saw. Our guides are three position and would be square to the cut in one or two positions but out in the third. We now check the travel and frame regularly for level to saw in all positions and make sure that the guide track that it moves on stays true and is not introducing lead to the saw in one of the set positions. We have found in our system (Kokums Mill) the these travel tracks can become warped or bent.

Re: U S N R Board Edger

From: M.Howell
Date: 20 Feb 2000
Time: 10:56:41
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In reply to your running a USNR Edger with a canter head on the out feed. I ran one of these machines in Northern CA. I never really had much trouble with the saws other than the computer system wanted to feed one board into the board that was allready in the saws. But that problem was solved by rechecking the photo eyes on the infeed. My main problem in startup was the suface of the lumber comming off of the canter head. I worked with Joe Shields and we found out that we needed different knive holders that wouldn't load up with chips and cause washboard on the lumber. Other than that , making sure you keep your canter knives dialed in and all your guide plates level you should have pretty good luck.

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