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Re: Sawfiler for hire

From: Randy Dawson
Date: 21 Nov 1999
Time: 20:04:45
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Weyerhaeuser Co. in Aberdeen is looking for a Band saw filer at it's lumber mill. If you need more info feel free to write. We have a 7' double cut, 5' Quad, 7' resaw, and we are adding a 6' twin right now. That would be the job we want to fill. Randy Dawson Band saw benchman.

RE: Carbide Breakage

Categories: Tooth Materials & Brazing
Date: 29 Feb 2000
Time: 20:08:09
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I can certainly understand how frustrating tooth breakage can be. I have been dealing with this issue off and on for twenty years. It can be difficult to determine the cause without visual inspection of the saws. Based on the given information it sounds like a possible cause could be the rate which the tip cools off. Try removing the torch in a different fashion. TEST THIS ACTION ON A NEW SAW ONLY! There could be a condition present that cannot be repaired without replacing the saws. This is why I want you to test on a new blade only. Place the tips in the saw as normal, but draw the flame away more slowly to about five to six inches away from the tip. Hold the flame on the tip at this distance for ten seconds allowing the heat to move down into the plate a little bit. Then remove the flame and move to the next tip. Mark this saw and track it for a few daays to see if this helps. The main point is to allow the 'cold' plate to warm up enough that it doesn't cause the tip to cool off too rapidly. Please let me know if this helps. Is there any damage to the saw plate material? Is the silver solder still on the saw steel where the carbide is missing? If you can give me more details, I may be able to share more information.