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Re: U S N R Board Edger

From: Jim Benton
Categories: Circular Saws
Date: 25 Dec 1999
Time: 09:46:59
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Good luck! Most of these machines are a challenge. You didn't mention tooth bite, feed speeds, or arbor speed. Most of these type systems in our area are over 850FPM and have trouble keeping teeth in the saws. Shoulder breakage is a frequently experienced issue as well. It appears that stellite tipped saws do pretty good when they are annealed properly. 601-650-7269 or

Re: bandsaw cracks

From: Steve Hoas
Categories: Saw cracks
Date: 01 Apr 2000
Time: 12:16:55
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Doggon computor went and posted the mail before I as finished maybe I pushed the wrong button. Any way, what I was trying to say is that every now and then do a check on your back gauge to see if it is accurate. you may be in for a supprise as I was.I even found the old "snap " gauge that was once used was inaccurate but not nearly as much as the dial gauge.