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Article 105

Categories: Alignment
Date: 30 Dec 1999
Time: 01:00:18
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multi-rip not feeding . saw design?

From: charl roux <>
Categories: Circular Saws
Date: 05 Apr 2000
Time: 14:11:59
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We have a small multi-rip that cuts"round the kerf". The idea of round the kerf works fantastic. The feed mechanism consists of two motorised grooved rollers on the left and a pneumatic ram pushing 6.5 bar on the right, 4 small pressure rollers from the top and no rollers from the top or bottom(obviosly to assist the round the kerf).We are cutting 38mm by 114, 152 and 228 also 50mm by 152 and 228. The 38mm is cut into 38mm by 38mm and the 50mm is cut into 50mm by 38mm or 50mm by 50mm. The saw spec. is 230mm diameter, 16 teeth and 22 degrees rake angle, and a 0.5mm bite. the wood did not feed through very easily, so i changed to 30 degree rake angle, now the 38mm feeds through with ease, but the 50mm still does not go through.The wood has to be pushed and pulled to get it through. I had saw blades with the same saw spec. but 24 teeth, which I tried, but it was much worse, which I expected, so my next and main idea was to remove every second tooth and use 12 teeth, it worked better, but still not as it should.

My next plan is to increase the saw diameter from 230mm to 280mm(there is no more space for a bigger saw in the machine). Effectively it should increase the rake angle (the bigger diameter saw`s angle of attack will be from a higher angle).I also want to go to a 32 degrees rake angle.These saws are not off-the-shelf and will take two weeks to be made up.Will the bigger saws work? Am I wasting my time? Does any one have any ideas?