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Re: U S N R Board Edger

Categories: Board Edgers
Date: 02 Jan 2000
Time: 18:38:53
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what is the diameter and plate thickness of the saw? is it top arbor climb cut? #3 spline? max depth of cut? feed speed constant or variable? ask Joe Shields, he is THE MAN!

Need info for correct trim saws...

From: Jeff
Date: 06 Apr 2000
Time: 03:25:04
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Wayne, I may have the answer to your problem. going by the spec's given on your saws, first i would say to check the rim speed of the saw, 12,000 feet per minute should be fast enough for this application. the side clearance should be 30 thou. to 35 thou. the number of teeth is adequate. the back clearance angle should be 12 degrees. reducing the bevel angle to 15 degrees. the radial clearance should be 2 degrees. tangential angle should be 3 degrees. you could try a 5 degree negative hook angle. these spec's have worked with most timbers i have encountered. hope it works for you.