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Date: 08 Jan 2000
Time: 16:23:46
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I have been thinking about this situation for a couple days now and I have another idea. Perhaps it is time to have the McDonough service technician come to your mill and thoroughly inspect the strain mechanism. I really don't think this problem will be solved without having a third party come to your mill to visually inspect the situation. I doubt if this is that type of situation, since you said it has been happening for three years. Whoever you call upon will have to see the same stuff your looking at, too many variables to solve by e-mail, or over the phone. I would be glad to come to your mill to see if I can help, but my employer wouldn't approve...this kind of stuff is what they pay me to do at our Company. I can give you some names(of reliable consultants), if you request it. Drop me an e-mail at: Best wishes.

wirefeed welding on bandsaws

From: tdt
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 17 May 2000
Time: 23:37:26
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Anyone have any tips on welding bandsaws with wirefeed machines.

Re: Resawing brazilian rosewood

From: colin -
Categories: Resaws
Date: 17 Jun 2000
Time: 17:46:51
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I have BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD should anyone be at all interested. Can be reached at (905)-983-9957. It's all old growth and it is handsome stuff alt. contact -