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Re: Constant speed transmission

From: Bruce Lehmann
Categories: Circular Saws
Date: 14 Jan 2000
Time: 13:13:12
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A little more information please: 1) how many horsepower does the motor have. 2) what is the saw kerf, depth of cut, wood species, and feed speed. From this I can estimate the power requirements. 3) The problem, may not be power, but torque limitations.


board edger and sharp chain mark in redwood

Categories: Board Edgers
Date: 30 May 2000
Time: 13:05:01
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We have two 1980's version CSMI board edgers. A sharp chain infeed was added to them in 95 and we installed them in the Ukiah sawmill. We have a problem with the sharp chain digging into the face of the board that will not plane out as target sizes are tight and we don't want to thicken up the board for obvious reasons. The mark seems to only be on the trailing 2 to 3 feet. The edgers both use a climb cut. We experienced problems throwing boards for awhile. This settled down as we ajusted feed rolls. I need to know if anyone has any ideas on where to start checking? We run a lot of redwood which is VERY soft. This mark is causing the material to be downgraded.


Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 04 Aug 2000
Time: 02:57:32
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Has any sawdoctors(sawfiler) used the vollmer autoswager in day to day mill work and what prolbem i am using 15 gauge and 16 gauge saws or has the Armstrong autopoint has any advances over the vollmer or iseli machine

s-larsen Weyerheauser NZ