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From: charl roux <>
Date: 08 Aug 2000
Time: 12:53:15
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Kerf is a relative concept. Technically, it is the saw body thickness (eg.3mm) plus the side clearance (eg.0.7mm) x2.So it would be 0.7+3.0+0.7=4.4mm.(0.7mm on each side of the saw). Basically, it is the width of the tungsten carbide tip. Side clearance being the furthest protruding point on the side of the saw measured from the saw body to the furthest point. This theory would be as seen from a saw manufacturers point of view. From a production foreman`s point of view it would be 4.4mm plus the amount the saw deviates eg. perhaps 1mm to the left or to the right,so: 4.4+1+1=6.4mm.

Thinkerf is a saw that has a thin kerf.Considering recovery, a thinkerf means less loss of wood which, as a sawdoctor, I consider an expensive commodity.

Cheers Charl Roux