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Re: saw cuts in board from mill?

From: Bruce Lehmann
Date: 01 Nov 2000
Time: 20:35:12
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A few observations and posibilities: 1. With a 3/16" kerf, the cuts were not made with a skill saw or even a radial arm saw. This saw is too big to be fed by hand. Actually, you could work out the diameter and tooth pattern of the saw from the marks it left. Sort of like finger prints. All you have to do is find that saw. Sawmill trim saws are typically about 24" in diameter. Secondary trim saws, used in the chop saws described below, are typically 12"-18". 2. Most sawmills that make 2x4's and other dimension lumber cut boards to 2 ft increments, so there are saws permanently positioned every 24" on there trim line. Since the board goes throught the trimmer sideways there is no chance of the saw marks being anything but 24" apart. There are mills that cut random lengths for "select" grades, but these mills are rare. 3. Where the cuts made after the board was planed (assuming it was planed)? You can tell if there are torn out splinters where the saw exited the cut. 4. Some secondary wood manufacturers, who have the money, use computer controlled chop-saw lines to remove knots and get the most value from the boards they buy and to produce the sizes they need for their order-book. These machines have a single saw that cuts the board at as many times as needed. If the mechanism that moves the saw is erratic, it could produce the pattern you are seeing.

I hope this helps Bruce

Original message: Can anybody tell me how a 2x4 (bottom cord truss bracket or purlin)may have gotten saw cuts in it? The board was 10 ft.long and got cut to 9ft.9 inches when installed in my 24x30 ft. pole building with a 12 ft. overhead door. I've been told it probably came from the mill with the saw cuts in it.

Three of the saw cut's are about 2 1/2 ft. from each other from one end to the other. The other 2 cuts are exactly 2 inches from each end and line up perfectly on the edge of the metal when put into a joist hanger. Most of the cuts are 1" deep but one that is 2-1/2 ft. from one end is about 1-1/2 inches deep and could be easily broken. If you stand the board up on it's narrowest side(1 1/2" width),you can see all the saw marks are on the same side.Also,the cuts are no less than 3/16" wide as I put 3 7-1/4" circle saw blades together that are 1/16th of an inch wide and set them into the cut's to measure them as well as a measuring tape.

This board was placed into the joist hangers at the time the building was erected and the contractor claims it wasn't he that put the saw marks in it. When these boards are cut at the factory, are they cut where the pole building company prepares the building to ship to the contractor or from where the boards are cut and shipped to the pole building company? The board is made of Doug Fir.Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated and I will reply to all that can help me with this matter.Thank You for your time!