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feed speed and "washboard" cuts

From: Dan Minard
Categories: Washboarding
Date: 19 Mar 2001
Time: 10:53:31
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I am new to this forum so I appologise if this topic has been covered ad nauseum in the past. We are Cutting Western Red Cedar & Canadian Cypress (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis) using an old (& slightly underpowered) 28' vertical band mill with a hand fed, two way carriage. Our cuts are 24"& 32" long in well quartered hand split billets. We use Wood Mizer 1 1/4" x .045" bands running on Wood Mizer roller guides. (1/4"+ blade deflection.) Blade tension 2,200 to 2,350 lbs. When the saw is worked hard it will slow down. (especially when cutting Cypress) When the band speed slows, we get badly washboarded cuts. Slowing the feed rate to maintain blade speed doesn't help. We have found that we have to maintain a brisk feed rate to prevent washboard. Can the teeth be reshaped to stop this? We are looking for a solution which will not require repowering the saw. (if possible) Note: The first 1/2" to 3/4" of every cut is wasted due to the same washboard effect. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that may help. Best Regards Dan Minard