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Ripping OSB

From: Bob Stiefvater
Categories: Alignment
Date: 01 May 2001
Time: 12:51:24
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The plant where I work rips OSB to use as web material for I-Joists. The arbor rips 4x8 sheets, into foot length webs of various widths. The leading web,is generally bowed and the last web is bowed to a lesser exten, with the other webs generally well within specs. The explanation we get from our QA is that the "energy in the moist OSB is being released during the cut, causing the end cuts to warp". Has any one run into this before, and is this a good explanation? If it is a saw problem we should be able to fix that, but if it really is moisture we will need to try something different. I am interested in this as a maintenance man. Thanks for your help.-Bob Stiefvater