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cross line ?

From: JS
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 15 Aug 2001
Time: 04:22:46
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I have been in the filing room fitting saws for a year now. i am just now starting to dabble in the area of benching saws. Alot to know about benching and i realize that band-mill maitanance is just as important as benching the saw itself. I work with a horizontal triple saw. On a daily bases i change the saws, grind the saws, maintain chip breakers, scrappers, water jets accu-lube oilers. i was just wondering about cross-lining my mills. How exactly should I go about crosslining the mills? how long should i wait inbetween crossline checks? Does a bad crossline play a major part in causing cracks? I have seen it done before. but i was just wondering if there are any other ways to do it. We just turned over the mills measured from the edge of the wheel to the back of the saw and then by hand turned them the opposite way of when they are running and measured them again. I would like to know should i check the cross line monthly, yearly or just when i have problems with cracks. Yes i am haveing problems with cracks. I know that the grinding process isn't causing the saws to crack. I have been really watching for burn, flat gullets, and V gullets. I don't bench the saws so i am not that confident in that area. We got a new benchman resently and we didn't have this problem until are old benchman left. i would appreiciate any replies. Any info will help me cause there is alot i don't know. Also i was wanting to get so good reading material. Something along the lines of SAW FILING FOR DUMMIES. you know a good book to assist me in the future with any questions about saw filing Thanks