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Simonds Auto Bench

From: Steve Hoas
Date: 02 Nov 2001
Time: 11:34:02
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We have just recently purchased a Simonds auto bench for our filing room hoping it would help relieve the benchmens work load but so far it has caused more problems than expected. The saw are now cracking badly. I have gone over the machine and found it to be set up properly. One problem I have is that the machine when it goes into the benching mode will pull the tension out of the back of the saws and then try to reintroduce it but it seems to have a preset course of action and doesn't compltete the job. The saws are coming off turned over in the front quarters and tight in the body. I have to spend at least 40 minutes per saw to correct the problems that the auto bench has caused.I may have well have just beched the saw manually as it would take less time and be done right the first time.The machine takes usually an hour to do a saw and then it still needs to be re benched manually to get it right. In all fairness I have to say that the leveler works great.Does anyone out there have one of these machines and if so I would greatly appreciate any input you may have.This is the only one in Canada as far as I know.