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Slivers on boards

From: Jeff
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 04 Nov 2001
Time: 15:12:41
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Hi, I have been getting a problem with slivers on the bottom of boards coming off my quad bandsaws. They are from 2-12 inches long and are blocking up the waste system. We thought that the problem may be the moisture content in the logs, as when we cut drier logs we didnt get the problem as much. We use swage saws, 7 inches wide, 2 inch pitch, 3.2mm kerf. Problems occur on all log diametres, 6 inch diametre up to 15 inch diametre. We have used stellite tipped saws and this does not help to fix the problem. We have a good tooth shape and a strong block on our saws. Has anyone experienced these problems before and if so, any help you could offer would be appreciated. I can be contacted on Thanks. Jeff.