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Re: strings?

From: Bruce Lehmann
Date: 30 Nov 2001
Time: 11:41:03
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Just to confirm, but is 80 teeth correct? The tooth space is then 0.86", which won't give you much gullet area. With a 22" saw, I am guessing you are cutting about 6" per saw. Assuming the rpm is about 1800, this gives a bite of 0.033", which is OK for surface finish. However, you will need a gullet area of about 0.6 sq. in. to hold the sawdust. I don't see how such a short tooth will have enough gullet area. The result is a lot of pressure in the gullet, which may blow out the last few wood fibres before the tooth gets to them. This blowing out can also cause strings.

Just in general, strings occur when the saw does not protrude enough from the surface of the wood. In a double arbour, this occurs when the saws don't overlap much. Are your saws big enough?

Hope this helps. Bruce