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Re: Simonds Auto Bench

Date: 07 Dec 2001
Time: 10:07:22
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The problem with your Simonds Auto Bench could be from a couple places. What kind of rig and what size saws do you run on it? What shape are the saws in when they come off the mill? Reason I ask, if it's hitting the back hard it either is trying to let go of what it has decided is too much tension or it's thinking the back is too short. When exactly in the operating cycle does it do this? If it does it right after the tensioner measures the middle of the saw for the first time it's a problem with the tension. If it does it after the tensioner has worked for a while it thinks the back is short, this is probably more likely. Check a saw coming off the bandmill to see if the back is good and then put it on the machine and see if the indicator on the back agrees with what your backguage showed. (Double check your backgauge first, make sure it's not out of adjustment, this can really cause problems!) It could be that the dial that measures the back of the saw has slipped and the machine has slipped and is trying to put in too much back. Let me know how you makle out.