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Tooth spacing on bandsaws

From: Lee Neal
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 05 Jan 2002
Time: 19:38:18
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I am running an 8' headrig sawing hardwoods. I just started up the mill in August 2001 and this is my first experience with bandsaws. The gentleman who set up our filing room who was a sawfiler for several years talked me into going with a 2-1/2" tooth space and 1" gullet. I ended up, thru miscommunication on my part and the suppliers part, with .078 gage, 13" wide, 2-1/2" tooth space, 1" gullet saw. I was wanting a .095 plate thickness. After sawing for a month, being new to filing, our saws would not run. I consulted another "professional". He made our saws run, but he thought that the large tooth spacing with the thin plate was putting too much stress on the teeth. He thought that this could cause the diagonal washboard that I am getting at higher feed speeds, and that the wide thin plate made the saws much more difficult to bench, especially for a beginner. Would a thicker plate help this and make the saws easier to bench? Also, the consultant suggested changing to a 2" tooth space and 7/8" gullet. Would this combination work better? I would like to maintain maximum feed speed at an 18"-22" depth of cut. I would like to run a .095 plate, 11" wide. Is this possible? My saws are 48' long and the mill runs at 9500 sfpm. Could someone recommend a good tooth style? What about 2-1/4" tooth space? Any suggestions? Thank you.