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Re: Bandsaw Crack Welding

From: kcleve
Categories: Saw cracks
Date: 11 Jan 2002
Time: 10:21:41
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Ron, Sounds like your going in the proper direction,one of the most often missed causes in recracking welds after being welded is allowing the metal to move after it is welded.The saw sould be held in the proper vice system all the way through the welding and annealing process without any movement at all.Sometimes a saw will draw and crack between the two stages and not be visible to the eye.Also bringing the weld up to the desired annealing point not to quickly so it will not stay to hard.Any air or wind from say a fan or open door should be stopped during this process as well as that can cause uneven temping.Hope this helps,take care and let me know how you come out.........