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Re: Pesky Swage Problem

From: Ed Kenard
Date: 14 Jan 2002
Time: 15:40:02
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After discussing this with the other guys in the shop, we came up with the following suggestions:

1. Are the top and face square to the plate before swaging. This is a common reason for the swage to pull more material to one side, especially by the amount you're talking about. Check that the wheel is square to the plate (for getting the face square) and the arbor is centered over the center of the tooth (for getting the top square).

2. Is the feed finger bending the tooth when grinding causing the face or top to be off-square. This isn't likely on 13 Ga saws, but can be with thin blades.

3. Is there a groove in the die bar?

4. Are all your saws being ground on the same grinder? See point 1.

Hope this helps Ed.