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Auto leveler

From: Steve Hoas
Date: 21 Apr 2002
Time: 22:43:59
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Well, we still have the machine but gave up on the auto benching part for the time being. The leveler section is now working consistently after a few modifications to the machine, one was to turn the carbide runners around so that they support the saw closer to the rolls and the other was to manufacture a support for the center of the saw. Simonds makes an extra support for wider saws but at the price they wanted for what it is it was cheaper to make our own which works very well. We are currently using this machine for saws 13, 14, 15 16 and 18 guage and from 6 inches wide to 16 inches wide and 24 to 52 feet in length, all running a black 40 tension so you can see why we are having problems with consistency. As far as the tensioner section goes, we haven't really had the time to fiddle with it although I will attempt it again as soon as time permits. The major problem with the tensioner is with the working of the back program, if we set the parameters blatantly wide the tensioning program seems to work O.K. but if the back needs ajusting it is faster to do it conventionally. In fact we very seldom need to ajust the tension of the saws unless they have been hurt and then it is generally faster to correct these saw manually It would be nice to let the machine fine tune the tension though as this can be a tedious task. The one problem the leveler does have is that it will miss ridges in the plate unless we manuall search for them and then place the dial pointer on the ridge. If the machine is left to do it on it's own, they get missed. Anyway, we will get it to work properly some day but we will be moving the entire filing room soon due to a major upgrade (again) in our mill with the introduction of a complete small log line, 2 twins and 2 double arbour rotary gangs. It sounds like we are going to have our work cut out for us.