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Re: Crown vs Flat

From: Steve Hoas
Date: 28 Dec 2002
Time: 21:03:10
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This is bound to start a discussion. We have been battleing this age old problem of flat VS crown . All but one of our rigs is an over hung type of bandmill. Our two new twins came with flat wheels but the manufacturer (optimill) said they should be ground with a crown on them. Our head filer decided to leave them the way they were and grind our other twin to match. Since then we have not been able to track the saws properly and they have cracked all to H***. He finally conceded to grind the two new twins with a crown and the problems went away so he finally has had the old twin reground with a crown but we have been down for Christmas break so we don't know how it will run. I feel that flat wheels when running will flex enough at the rim to cause the wheel to be slightly concave therefor amplifying the tracking problems (yes the edges were chamfered)and the cracks were caused by the saw hanging too far over the wheel edge and not being able to hold it where it should be. Also, cantilevered (overhung) wheels will also deflect inwards when the saw is strained up further amplifying the problem of tracking.