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Re: Crown vs Flat

From: Steve Hoas
Date: 31 Dec 2002
Time: 08:55:33
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Hi. Yes he knows how to grind wheels but this is what he requested. We took great care in the set-up because if the wheel doesn't track truely square to the wheel it will grind it hollow (a total disaster!). I am not sure why he wanted the wheels ground flat, but as I said, the saws wouldn't track true and cracked up badly. This is the first time in 25 years of filing that I have ever ground wheels flat. I usually grind with a minimum of .oo3 to .oo5. As it turns out , the bandmills that we have had re-ground with a .oo5 crown are tracking properly and the cracking has been reduced to punch runs and re-welds now. Optimil suggested that the wheels are shipped turned flat but be ground on site with a crown. This is especially true for over hung (cantilevered) wheels as the axles tend to flex a bit when the saw is strained up causing an exageration of the tight edge of the wheel. We proved this out with a dial indicator although I cannot remember what the deviation was. Anyway, as I said previously, we have had the wheels reground on our old twin but have not run it yet due to a seasonal shut down but I am sure it will perform well as it did before the wheels were ground flat.