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Re: frozen maple

Categories: Frozen Wood
Date: 23 Jan 2003
Time: 06:37:32
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In a word ..yes. And your lucky to have the 2' ts instead of 1.75".Hopefully all other factors are "up to snuff" and it has frozen "rock solid" and you have a sharp saw ,flat and tensioned properly and with a lot less than normal amount of swage on it. If possible slow bandmill rim speed down to 7500/8000 if it is going a lot faster say 9500/10,000. Cutting size or width of swage is the most important next to a flat saw properly tensioned. If you normally carry 9 gauge of swage cut it to 11 or even 12 . The more frozen the less you need. And above all dont go cutting feed rate way back! SLOW is your WORST ENEMY!Dont "bull head", but use judgment and remember that fine powder dust made from slow feed is your worst enemy. Make sure all teeth are lined and straight and swage is perfect as to center .A little imperfection that you can get away with in summer will kill you in frozen maple. Spring is only about 6 weeks or so away!!

PS I like to swage the gullet out with a rounded chisel instead of frost notch (lot easier to do )and if your gullet is not too deep you can run it flat with a sharp corner and get good results and wont need to bother either added work of notch or swaging gullet.