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Re: Crown vs Flat

Date: 23 Jan 2003
Time: 07:00:05
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I read all the posts and I agree with the statements you made in the very first in the first original post.I have ground many sets of wheels on all makes and styles of bandmills and the only ones I did not care for the results I would get were the big green machines from Wisconsin(machine is fine just dont like the wheel set up),,and I dont mean Filer Stowell. The only major diference I have found is the type of wheel,solid heavy cast wheels(top)(with several open spaces)seem to have a tendency to give me more problems when near finishing the grind. Cast/cast steel/fabricated iron/steel with adjustable spokes that are in good shape and tight seem to grind a lot better for me. In short I guess I would say all grind jobs are different but the main rule is make sure your "square to the wheel" because nothing but trouble comes from a hollow wheel