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From: Bruce Lehmann
Categories: Stain System
Date: 28 Jan 2003
Time: 15:52:12
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I've done some response measurements on theses Kockums/CanCar hydraulic strain systems. One minute sounds a little long.

There two other things to look at besides the accumlator: the strain piston and the pivot bearings for the top wheel lift assembly. If the piston or rod seals are damaged they will greatly increase the friction. If the design is similar to what I've seen, the pivot bearings are tapered: if they back off then the pivot shaft rests on the outer race, which can give a dead strain. If your accumulator is a bladder type, I doubt there is a problem with it. If it's a piston type, then there could be problems (sticking) of the seals. My bet is the lift cylinder.

The top wheel movement is basically a measurement of the blade temperature (it changes length with temp.), so if the blade isn't cooling quickly, then the top wheel won't come down quickly.

I hope this helps

Bruce Lehmann