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question on older Armstrong #4 sharpener

From: Ol Grumpy
Categories: Grinding
Date: 19 Feb 2003
Time: 17:35:47
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I ran into something on my #4 Armstrong sharpener that I don't quite understand. I have alligned the "new" faceplate to the feed finger arm both latterly and vertically using a dial indicator. Next I alligned the head to the face plate using a Haggy Thompson allignment fixture. So at this point all appears to be correct. Now for the puzzeling part. If I put a magnetic base with a dial indicator attached on the side of the guard that covers the grinding wheel and let the indicator sweep up and down across the face plate I find that the head is actually traveling into the face plate as it travels down and away again as it comes back up to the top. So in the width of the face plate (top to bottom) I am getting .063 variation. This is a 1947 cast model sharpener with a heavy duty rocker arm assembly retrofitted. My cone screws are in good shape with no slack, the supporting straps are in good shape and the rocker arm assembly is lined to the witnes marks. I have double checked all of the above and can find no explanation for what I am seeing. Does anybody have any Ideas?? Thanks My e-mail address