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Re: question on older Armstrong #4 sharpener

Date: 01 Mar 2003
Time: 11:32:12
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You say that you aligned the faceplate verticaly with a dial indicator . I have always set the vertical alignment with a straight edge to the center of the saw carriage and the horizontal with a dial indicator affixed to the feed arm. I am not sure what the "haggy" alignment tool is but I use a magnetic jig that is held in place by the grinding wheel collars and uses a prescribed plate for different thicknesses of saw plate, perhap we are talking of the same thing. I set the quadrant with the grinding head in its lowest running position on the lift cam. I use a piece of paper to guage the positioning of the alignment jig to the faceplate by lightly trapping the paper in each corner of the faceplate alignment plate and pulling the paper out. Judging the amound of drag in the paper tells me which way I have to move the quadrant to achieve proper allignment. I hope this is of some assistance. Steve Hoas.