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Re: band wheels

From: Jeff
Date: 09 Mar 2003
Time: 14:55:36
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Hello Jeff. I have ground both flat and crowned wheels. I agree with the post on that you have to bench the saw to the mill, I found out the hard way on that problem. A lot of Australian (I am from Australia) mills are going back to flat wheels now as they are easier to grind and they have found that there is no difference in the two. When you measure the wear on a flat wheel after some time, you find there is a "crown" on the wheel anyway, so to speak. So a lot of saw doctors ask if crowning a wheel is needed in the first place. I guess they think not as they are going back to flat wheels. It must be remembered that what I am saying has worked for me. It may not work where you are. As for feed rates, I have found that there is no real difference. The mills my company contract to are softwood and hardwood, use conventional and high strain, use flat and crowned wheels and none of them have complained about the wheels effecting their feed rates. I believe you will get the highest feed rate if everything on your machine is in perfect alignment and that your saws are benched correctly. This is only a quick summery, and what I have experienced, the argument of flat versus crown could go on forever.

Hope this helps. Jeff.