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Re: Gang Vibration & bearings

Date: 15 Mar 2003
Time: 10:26:31
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There are lots of variable here. I am not familiar with the Comac gang edgers but have had a lot of experience with Shurmann and Newnes gang and shifting edgers. O.K. here we go. Have you run the edger without the saws in it to see if it still vibrates? Have you checked the arbour for run out? Is it a solid arbour or does it have sleeves? If sleeved, are they tight? I a assuming that the door bearing is the floating bearing. If so, Is it set up to be centered in the holder when the door is shut. What type of coupler is on the arbour joining it to the motors? Our edgers use FALK couplers. There are tolaerances to be considered here too. As for the door, there should not be any movement between the door and the main frame of the edger. Our doors have four cone centering pins that are bolted to the husk as well as a cam like device for opening and closing the door. The arbour is also bolted to the bearing. I also assume that the end of the arbour is tapered and mates to a tapered cone in the door bearing. How is the fit between the arbour and this cone. If the cone has been spun on the arbour the fit may not be right anymore, therefor not alowing the arbout to be truely tight to the bearing. Hoew are the jack shaft bearings, if you have them. What kind of drive belts do you use? We use a poly chain belt, Noisey but posative and vibration free if aligned properly. If the coupler between the jack shaft and the arbour is a Dodge type. be sure that there is np side preload when tightened up. Side load from the rubber coupler will take out bearings in a hurry, usually the arbour bearing next to the coupler as it takes all the load if the coupler is pushing sideways on it. I hade this problem years ago with a Mainland edger. The millwrights kept changing bearings and bearing types to no avail but they never set the coupler up properly so the rubber "tire" acted as a spring and was pushing the arbour sideways and taking out the bearings. After they set the coupler up properly we never had a bearing problem after that. I hope this is of some help to you.