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Bandsaw Wheel Crowning

From: Nick De Pirro
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 17 May 2003
Time: 19:32:34
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My name is Nick De Pirro, I am a sculptor in Columbus, OH. I enjoy rebuilding machines that were assumed to be worthless by those that discard them. I am more of a metal worker than a wood worker, so I am having some trouble with an old bandsaw that I got from OSU a few years ago. It is an old Air Force surplus machine. The wheels are 2ft. in dia. It was stored for a time in pieces, and I now have it back up and powered. I am machining a new table for it, etc.

The issue is related to the blade tracking, of course. The wheels are not crowned, and I am seriously considering making them crowned to improve the blade tracking. I can barely get the blade to ride with any stability. I am sure that the wheels are even (top to bottom) I do still have re-check the angle of the bottom wheel- I am worried that it is not quite dead on.

All that said- I am wondering how I might go about crowning the wheels, if I decide to do so. They are aluminum- I just replaced the tires, but I fear that I have to pull them off to crown the metal wheels underneath. How is it usually done?