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Re: schurman edger

From: weldingrodd
Date: 03 Sep 2003
Time: 12:17:32
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I'm sure you checked the thickness of stock edge to edge and found it ok? Are these boards being edged off a bull edger or headsaw or a combo of both ,if either which seem to do it the worst? If none of these seem out of whack are all infeed (bottom)on the same plane and parallel to the arbor and traveling at the same speed? Maybe they changed a sprocket and have used a sprocket with the wrong # of teeth for the diameter of the roll creating a problem. If lumber is uniform my guess would be rolls in relation to each other.Generaly if rolls are tighter on one edge than the other,the board will crowd to the pinched side(when using top and bottom rolls) Also saws that are being lead by means of being dished or ground not square could also affect the boards line of travel Or the rolls might just be plain old wore out... If this is a reconditioned machine with a warranty I would be giving them a call ASAP Add to my name if I can help