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Re: guide pressure

From: Rich
Date: 23 Oct 2003
Time: 08:52:03
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Jim: Saw guide pressure is also dependent on your strain pressure as well as your bending stresses on the saw plate you are running. 15 Ga. is a fairly heavy plate to run on a 5 ft. I run 152 lbs pressure on two 6 ft quads. 15ga. 11". We use moveable top guides so this pressure was set with the top quide in the up position. We run 18000 lbs strain. With this combo we do not see excess guide wear at the front edge. If your not seeing guide wear in excess and the saws are cutting fine without cracking I wouldn't worry too much about it. Ideal guide pressure is suppose to be 120 lbs. but this is just a starting point. It the top guide is moveable the pressure will change as the span increase or decreases depending on guide travel. If you would like to contact me just leave a number or email address and I will get ahold of you.