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Re: Bandsaw steel

From: ex saw person
Date: 03 Nov 2003
Time: 08:10:39
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Yaers ago I worked for a manufacturer and they switched to Sandvik steel on 17 ga. Just about everything you described happened! Went back to Uddleholm and that solved the problem. Latter on I ran into some saws made by a company near Gramby Que. and they did exactly as you said by flaking . It was almost like plywood coming unglued. We found that the scource of this steel was from Japan and needless to say the cheaper prices were offset by inferior quality. Also when trying to level these saws with a hammer it was similar to a beating on an old metal dish pan. I would say dont let the saw manufacturer tell you its you...most of the time it is....but every once in a while they try something different and you the user ends up paying for it many times over. If your rep is an honest person they will tell you exactly whats what and they can tell what lot the steel came from and who made it. As they say "they been there and done that" all before.