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Re: schurman edger

From: Grant McInnes
Categories: Board Edgers
Date: 04 Nov 2003
Time: 17:59:36
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We have a locally manufactured[New Zealand]combination board/cant edger which has this drifting on the infeed occuring sporadically. All material into the machine is from a band headrig. We have checked the machine & infeed for alignment very thouroughly & found a couple of issues however correcting these had no positive effect.We saw radiata pine & are beginning to look at whether density could be a factor as the less dense corewood tends to move a bit more.We have virtually eliminated wedge across the board as a factor[1" x 6" board moving a lot with <.004" variation side to side]We have also done trials with saws out & press rolls up & had movement. We also don't think it is a saw pattern issue as we have seen flitches from the same log cut one after the other & one will move & the other not with no discernable difference in saw pattern visible. One issue we have only just discovered is that there are some pin stops on the infeed which in the down position barely have clearance below the rollers in the down position & possibly these are causing the material to very slightly "hang up" although this does not explain some of what we have observed.We tend to get the drift more with 1" material than thicker stock.Any help would be appreciated as we only cut pruned this has a significant effect on our yields. Any help appreciated thanks Grant.