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Re: Bandsaw steel

From: frank
Categories: Saw cracks
Date: 04 Nov 2003
Time: 21:28:13
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hi steve i recently brought in some 17 gauge ( sanvic ) bandsaws from a saw manufacturer in quebec . they developed gullet cracks and back cracks after 2 hrs of running , i put them on the bench to see what happened , the benching was no hell but should have at least made a 4 hr run . i then ran a new file across the back of the saw , the file would not cut it , it was as hard as glass hmmmmmmmm . i immediately phoned the manufacturer and complained and without much arm bending they agreed to replace the saws ,but with uddeholm steel this time . they said uddeholm steel is more forgiving than sanvic steel " Bull S." .i have ran sanvic steel to for many years without any problem . hope this helps