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Re: Bandsaw steel

From: Pierre Caissy
Date: 09 Nov 2003
Time: 06:14:38
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I am from Quebec and i am very happy to read that. It makes 7-8 years that a lot of bandsaws from different (but one is working more bad than the others) manufacturer go to the scrap with just 2 or 3 run on the mill. When you try to weld it, its like a firework and the cracks get more long when you wait it came cold. you weld, you wait, smoking a cigarette, move the saw, and it sound "pac"! When you order 4 saws because the older ones are scrap or just for spare, and the boss ask 2 weeks after "and the new bandsaws, how it goes?" just look outdoor boss, what do you think he is thinking. i am sure some filer have lost their job because some manufacturer are not able to give to us the high degree of specialty that sometimes (always) whe need. And its the same whit the 17, 16, 15 gauge. it always sound like "klang klang klang" . And some salesman just dont know of what we talking. It not fun when we dont can be sure of the quality of what we buy. and it is like that with all. How to have more good stuff? order saws from all the manufacturer. when the salesman will not have a order from you in a year, i hope that they will not do the same error 2 times. that the only way they will listen to you. whe try to do a great job and we like our job and its beginning with the quality of saws. MANUFACTURERS, DO YOUR JOB WITH EXPERIENCE PLEASE.

Pierre Caissy Nouvelle, Quebec