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Re: Bandsaw steel

From: Elmer Bookings
Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 11 Nov 2003
Time: 18:16:56
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We also have noticed a change in the characteristics of the band saw steel that we have been receiving in the last couple years. It is harder to work with on the bench and cracks without any apparent cause. We do not get the life out of our saws like we did. If there has been a change in the formula of the steel why wont the saw manufactures tell us instead of staying quiet and hoping no one will notice. After all we are the ones responsable for making the saws preform properly and it would be nice if for once people would be honest with us about any changes that might be made. One of the other posts mentioned that there has also been a decline in workmanship from the saw companies. We are receiving new saws that require a hell of a lot of work just to get them ready to make their first run. The tooth profile is usually wrong and the bench work has become extremely poor. We see this from all the saw companies not just the one mentioned in the earlier post. They must not have anyone who knows how to put a band saw up properly!! or that cares enough to see that it gets done. It would be nice if the saw companies read and took notice of the comments on these posts.