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Re: VPVD saws

Date: 11 Dec 2003
Time: 20:25:07
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We tried the variable pitch saws a few years ago without much sucess. I have to say that we did not have a proper grinder to maximize the performance of these saws, we just used our normal Armstrong #4 grinder and this led to the teeth becoming very thin , especially the fifth one of the group. The thin teeth were probably the ones the created the washboard we were experiancing. We were never able to completely reduce wasboard with these saws. They ended up being more of a pain than a good thing so we scrapped the experiment. The saws were expensive and the sawyers we leery of them because they sounded different and were afraid to push them. I am sure that if a CNC grinder were used the profile of the teeth, especially if they are VPVD teeth, the performance of these saws could be as the manufacturers say , but we couldn't justify the price of the grinders for an experiment. There are far better ways to spend the money in the filing room, stellite as opposed to carbide for the round saws for instance. We also antied up for an auto leveler/tensioner too but I for one am not satisfied with the tensioner half of the machine as it is too unpredictable and generally caused more work for the benchmen than if they had not used it. The leveler on the other hand is great. It does what it is supposed to do for the most part and is an asset to the filing room. Stevieray