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Re: VPVD saws

From: exsawfiler
Categories: Washboarding
Date: 11 Dec 2003
Time: 20:44:14
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Overfilling gullet with sawdust is text book answer to washboarding cause, but I find gullet depth and tooth shape and scawny back have more to do than anything with it. In particular I can think of a couple hardwood mills that feed super slow and still almost every board is washboard,narrow or wide. Both places use a 2 inch ts and grind with a 7/8 wheel and have way too deep a tooth for my liking. (almost 1 " deep.) Myself a 1&3/4 ts with a full high back tooth ground with a 3/4 wheel and I can never remember much washboard till we would crowd it a bit in 14 to 16 " cuts. (God love them old Hanchett Shop Grinders) So to my way of thinking so much for overfilling gullets with dust as the major cause and I think in a quest to stop it(overfilling) with a deep gullet we maybe compound our problems?? Just sign me rusty filer and rusty typist....