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Re: Sawing frozen wood (woodmizer banbdsaw)

Categories: Bandsaws
Date: 09 Jan 2004
Time: 15:59:05
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Try increasing the tooth spaceing on your saws. Frozen wood produces very fine sawdust that becomes hard to contain in the gullets of the saw. By increasing the tooth space or pitch you will increase the tooth bite thus increasing the size of the chip that each tooth takes out. If it would be easier you can also decrease the surface speed of the saw. This will do the same thing "increase the chip size". As mentioned by the othewr fellow you might not be able to achieve summer production when the logs are frozen but usually the main problem with frozen wood is too small of a chip or tooth bite. If the tooth bite is smaller than your side clearence then the chip can spill out of the gullet in the cut and will cause heat on the saw- this in tern will cause the saw to deviate. Hope this helps